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Bird Sanctuary Work Day

by | Jun 14, 2022

First Hands, a fellowship group that mixes service projects with fun, invites church members and friends to a work day (morning actually) at the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary .

The Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary was created when construction of a large building nearby destroyed a wild refuge that served migrating birds was destroyed.  The new refuge was professionally designed and is cared for by volunteers. The Bird Sanctuary is located along Lake Michigan, just south of the NU campus and immediately north of the Clark Street Beach House at 811 Sheridan Road.

The work day will include a short tour and possibly some planting, weeding, mulching, and/or gathering/sowing of seeds.  Feel free to bring gardening gloves.  We need to provide a rough headcount..  Please RSVP (and/or send any questions) to Rebecca Beiter at bob.beiter@comcast.net or 203-885-4097.


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