For Immediate Release:
Over a dozen Evanston congregations join forces to support Reparations

On Jun 13, 2022 at noon at Fountain Square (1601 Sherman) in Evanston over a dozen
congregations will launch their combined efforts to support reparations in Evanston across faith
traditions in 2022. These congregations, most of which are historically white, are committing to
four areas of support:

1. Education and atonement on structural racism.
2. Educating our own communities about racism within our religious communities. These
may include, but are not limited to: story telling programs in which Black residents can
share their stories of discrimination and White residents can share their stories of
privilege; we can learn about racism in Evanston through the work of Shorefront Legacy
Center and its director, Dino Robinson; and congregations can share the history of
racism in their communities.
3. Educate our community about the reparations’ efforts in Evanston, including
understanding how the two funds—the City of Evanston fund and the Reparations
Community Fund—will raise funds, how those funds will be distributed, and who has the
authority to make decisions about fund distributions.

4. Raise money to support the reparations efforts in Evanston, including the Evanston
Reparations Community Fund, which is the fiscal agent for Reparations Stakeholders of
Evanston In January 2023, we will total and celebrate contributions and pledges made
through our efforts and encourage that support to be ongoing.

You can read the entire statement here. Participating congregations: Beth Emet The Free
Synagogue, Buddhist Council of the Midwest, Evanston Friends Meeting, First Congregational
Church of Evanston, First United Methodist Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Immanuel
Lutheran Church, Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran
Church, Wilmette, Lake Street Church of Evanston, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Northminster Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, United Catholic Youth Ministries
(Catholic Parishes), Unitarian Church of Evanston
Questions may be directed to Rev. Kathryn Banakis, Rector, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church,
Evanston (847.475.3630,