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“I’ve Been Meaning to Ask…” Sermon Series

by | Jun 6, 2024

Join us for summer worship at our 9:00 am outdoor service or the 10:30 am service in Tittle Chapel. This summer, our two services will be very distinct in format. 9:00 am will be conversational and reflection focused. 10:30 am will look more traditional with a sermon.

Our first sermon series will begin on June 9th and we invite you to join us!
During the month of June we will focus on questions that begin with “I’ve been meaning to ask…”
In essence, this question also implies the following statements: “I’ve been thinking about you and I’ve been wanting to check in… You’ve been on my mind… I haven’t known how to have this conversation, but I’m getting started with a question.”

The ellipses symbolize the main objective of this series: to cultivate courageous conversations—and to keep having them, even if we need to pause. And provide us a starting point to ask questions such as: “where are you from?” “where does it hurt?” and “what do you need?”

These weekly sub-themes provide a trajectory for going deeper. As you can see, these questions aren’t surface level; they invite us to share our pain and seek ways to care for one another. May this series help us to behold each other as images of the divine. May it help us strengthen our capacity for empathy and compassion. May it remind us of the power of asking unassuming questions. May it show us that courage is rooted in the heart. Through vulnerability and authenticity, may our courageous conversations lead us to glimpse hope, joy, and beauty—and to become the community God created us to be.

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