A Message from the Earth Care Committee

While you are observing your holiday traditions, the Earth Care Committee has some suggestions for reducing the waste they often generate. When hosting parties, use your china, glassware and cutlery instead of plastic or paper plates, cups and utensils. Let your dishwasher work for you! If you need dishwear or linens for parties or containers for plants, shop at thrift stores, which often have a selection. When planning how much food you need for a gathering, use an online tool such as the Guestimator to help you reduce food waste. Compost food waste if possible!

When wrapping gifts, use reusable gift bags, or wrap items in scarves, dish towels or shawls instead of wrapping paper. Look up the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki to learn fun and elegant ways to wrap with fabrics. Also, consider gifts of events or memberships instead of “things”. Memberships to Chicago’s iconic museums or gardens and tickets to its wonderful performing arts groups make memorable presents.  First Church’s Alternative Christmas Giving program is a way to “gift” someone with a donation to a worthy cause.  And, if you do need new speakers or a computer, remember that the Earth Care Committee collects styrofoam packaging for recycling on the third Saturday of every month from 10 am until noon at church!