As these two Children’s Ministry staff members step down at the end of the program year, we offer our thanks and gratitude for all of their good work. Below they reflect on and share their experiences.
Rachel Shepherd, Nursery Coordinator
My role in the Children’s Ministry this past year has been to provide a safe and fun place for children ages 0-3 and their families to play and learn during the Sunday School and worship hours. The most memorable moments for me would be the laughter and joy on the little ones faces when we would read their favorite books. The eighth time in a row was always just as good as if they had never heard it before.

Something that I will take with me from working with children at First Church is the importance of making time and space for parents and caregivers to come be a part of the fun and learning. First Steps to Faith was always a fun way to engage the whole family in the ministry of the nursery. 
Victoria Faith Grisanti, Connect 456 Leader
My role as the teacher for Connect456 has been an amazing experience and has helped me grow in my teaching abilities and, conversely, my listening skills. I can’t believe the students who were in fourth grade when I started are entering middle school now!
One particularly memorable moment was while teaching students about the fruits of the spirit. I asked the group if they thought there were other values, beyond the fruits of the spirit, that we should try to live up to. One students looked at me and said “tolerance! and acceptance!” I thought this moment was so beautiful and impressive on the student’s part. It was the perfect example of how children are able to articulate beautiful thoughts–and teach others while doing so.
I think my biggest takeaway from working in children’s ministry is that children have so much knowledge and wisdom to share. They want to be listened to and it is so important to give children space to talk with a trusted adult, especially about their faith. I listened to them complain about (and appreciate!) their parents, and express their questions and doubts about God, something that they weren’t always able to do around adults. I think listening is one of the greatest gifts we can give to children.