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First Hands at Clark Street Bird Sanctuary

by | May 25, 2023

First Hands will be joining the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary Work Day from 9-11am on 6/24 for the 3rd (maybe 4th?!) summer in a row!  If you enjoy spending time outdoors (and lakeside!), nature, and doing good alongside a great bunch of folks…and don’t mind getting a bit dirty…this is the event for you!  Depending on the needs, count on weeding, watering and maintenance of the beautiful spot at “Clark & Sheridan in Evanston, just outside the Clark Street Beach.

In the past, the group has enjoyed grabbing a nearby picnic table after completing our shift for a BYO sack lunch. Bring a whole lunch or grab a piece of fruit or granola bar on your way out the door and sit & visit for a few when we’re done.  It’s a great way to spend a morning, and you’ll be home before noon!  Please RSVP, and we will forward more details like suggestions on what to wear & what to bring as well as the city waiver that needs to be completed.  A headcount is needed, so do reach out if you are in!

Rebecca Beiter, bob.beiter@comcast.net

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