On Tuesdays beginning January 3, you are invited to a thirty minute Night Prayer Service to end your day in community and peace.  

“Hygge for the soul” is how one woman describes Compline, the Night Prayer Service that was offered by the Faith Formation Committee from January through Lent in 2022.  Another participant shared that the prayer service reminded him of putting his young daughters to sleep:  “It’s like God puts me to rest after a long day.”

These online Night Prayer Services, offered each Tuesday from 8:30-9:00 pm through February 21, are patterned after the ancient monastic tradition of Compline (meaning completion)–the final prayer of the day.  The service follows a simple liturgical format, offering quietness and reflection before rest.

New participants are invited to explore this spiritual practice and  participate as schedules permit. Please sign up for the Zoom link by contacting Tom Scott at tom.scott.goblue@msn.com